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Happy New Year, Mocha Divas!

It’s still hard to believe that we have entered a new year. It seems like 2017 was a blur. Anybody else feel that way? I have heard people say that the older we get, the faster time flies. There may be something to that because it sure seems like the days, weeks, months, and years fly by. Nevertheless, I am excited about the new year and all that is ahead. I’m super excited about sharing Mocha Divas with all of you. The feedback has been amazing. Thank you for choosing to join in this journey. Don’t keep it to yourself though. Share the love with others. Sharing is caring.

I love quotes, mantras, and declarations. I have this quote box that I picked up from my favorite store (any other Target fans in the house?) and it sits on our kitchen counter. I have had it for a few years now, but it never gets old. Each morning, as I’m preparing my favorite tea, I flip the card to see the new quote for the day. Although I have seen them all several times now, I usually get a new perspective each time. Many mornings I post the quotes to my Instagram account and share my perspective. One quote in particular stands out: “In between goals is a thing called life that has to be lived and enjoyed” – Sid Caesar. I am not familiar with the author of the quote, but he gets me. I am all about setting goals, writing the vision, planning for the future, and all of that; however, I think that we can get so caught up in the planning that we forget to live. I shared in my introductory post that I lost my Mom unexpectedly 10 years ago and it was devastating. It was devastating, not just because she was my best friend and her death was unexpected, and we were in the middle of planning my dream wedding (and a host of other things), but she was also planning for her retirement. She planned well for her retirement. We talked about it often. She had trips she wanted to take, hobbies she wanted to pick up, and places she wanted to visit around the city. Well, as fate would have it, she didn’t live to experience retirement. She planned so well for retirement, but never got to enjoy the fruits of her labor as a retiree. My Mom was 57 when she passed. I get emotional whenever I think about it. Her death propelled me to think about the future differently.

I have endeavored to live my best life NOW because tomorrow isn’t promised. Yes, I believe in planning for the future; however, I have also made a decision to live today. For example, a few years ago, I decided to learn a new skill each year. The first year, on a whim, I took golf lessons. I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and asked for and received golf clubs that year for Christmas. The next year I decided to face my fears and learn how to swim. It wasn’t something that I had been pondering, I just happened to see a Facebook post about swim lessons and I sent the coach an inbox. I signed up the same day and started lessons that same week. I knew that if I didn’t do it immediately, I would talk myself out of it. I was part of the first group of ladies to partake in the Grown Women Swim movement. Coach Velver Lee was so awesome and very patient with me. She prayed me on through those lessons, literally. I highly recommend her classes if you’re interested in learning how to swim.

Late last year, during a discussion with a girlfriend, I learned about adult skating lessons. I didn’t skate well as a child. I would go to the skating rink and skate in my neighborhood, but I was never comfortable. An adverse childhood experience scarred me for life (or so I thought). I was skating down a hill with my cousin and I realized that the hill was steep and I got scared and tried to stop. I started tumbling and the rest is history. Side note: I won’t even tell you about that time, about 15 years ago, when I threw myself an adult skate party for my birthday. About 15 friends showed up and we had a ball. Nobody noticed that I didn’t skate. Ha! Ok, on with my story. After talking to my friend, I decided to give skating a try again. I showed up at the skating rink for my lesson on that Monday and I was terrified. All of the childhood memories came flooding back. When I saw my instructor, I started to loosen up. She’s a petite, 85-year old lady…yes 8-5. Guess what? She doesn’t even skate anymore. That doesn’t stop her from teaching though. Not only does she teach adult beginner lessons, she also coaches competitive skaters. She walked beside me around that rink, holding my hand for an hour, and talked me through it. After TWO lessons, I was comfortable and skating on my own. I didn’t stop there though. I had two more lessons because I just loved Coach Caroline. Happy to say that I’ve been skating with girlfriends on Monday evenings since October and I love it! It’s a great workout too. Glad I had witnesses because nobody would believe the transformation from the first night to the second night. Interested in lessons in the Memphis area, check out East End Skating Center. I haven’t decided what skill I’m picking up this year since it’s usually not something that I plan in advance, but I’ll be sure to let you know when I get that inspiration. I’ll have to tell you about the other skill that I sharpened last year in a future blog post. Yes, it deserves a whole post. Think flowers…

It’s the start of a new year. A time when we typically make resolutions or set goals for the year. As you’re planning for the year and beyond, don’t forget to live. Create some space to enjoy your right now. Take that trip. Visit that restaurant. Go to that concert. Catch up with an old friend over drinks. Learn something new. It doesn’t have to be expensive or something that requires a lot of planning in advance. Yeah, yeah, you’re busy. I hear the excuses. Stop. Get busy living. Sid Caesar and I are encouraging you to do those things that you enjoy (or think you may enjoy) doing today. It’s time to live our best life NOW.

Live. Laugh. Love.


Coach Caroline and I on my first day of lessons. Isn’t she cute? She makes me look tall though.

Check out that form! Lesson #3.

Coach Velver Lee and I. My Swim Coach is awesome. She’s got a whole movement, y’all!


Catch us on Monday evenings at the rink. Roll. Bounce.

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